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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Peter Rabbit's Lift-the-Flap-BookBeatrix Potter2000


Pig Gets LostHeather Amery, Stephen Cartwright2000


Piggy Smells Some SmellsIsabel Fonte2000


PinocchioCharles Perrault, John Patience2000


Planet AnimalSteve Parker2000


Poppy's BabiesJill Barklem2000


Primilibri: la mia giornataUnknown2000

Puss In BootsCharles Perrault, John Patience2000


Rome & Romans (The Usborne Time Traveller)Heather Amery and Patricia Vanags2000


Rupert: The Daily Express Annual No. 65Ian Robinson2000


Saving Joe LouisIsabel Marvin2000


Set of 6 miniature books:
When The Toys Had A Secret/Susan Borrows A Barrow/
The Strange Bicycle/A Lovely Surprise/
Harry's New Football/It Serves You Right Mr Sly
Enid Blyton2000


Sleeping Beauty Pop-Up StorybookThe Brothers Grimm2000


Snuggle down ducklingsMandy Ross2000


Sophie Hits SixDick King-Smith2000


Sophie's SnailDick King-Smith2000


Sophie's TomDick King-Smith2000


Spot the Book TitleSimon Drew2000


Storybox (Issue 43) - The Little Emperor of China; Play and learn: Hong Kong; Charlotte and Henry: After schoolM. Amelin, Bob Graham, et al.2000


Sunflower Sally: Beehive TalesUnknown2000

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