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Albert's Special Day (AlphaPets)Ruth Lerner Perle1990


Beach BallPeter Sis1990


Bradley and the Great Swamp MysteryRuth Lerner Perle1990


Connie, Come Home (AlphaPets)Ruth Lerner Perle1990


Delilah's Delightful Dream (AlphaPets)Ruth Lerner Perle1990


Emmy, You're The Greatest (AlphaPets)Ruth Lerner Perle1990


Fenton and the Magic Bag (AlphaPets)Ruth Lerner Perle1990


Gertie's Great Gifts (AlphaPets)Ruth Lerner Perle1990


Herbie's Happy Day (AlphaPets)Ruth Lerner Perle1990


Rainbow's End: A Woodland AlphabetJohn Patience1990


The Stephen Cartwright ABCHeather Amery1990


A is for AnimalsDavid Pelham1991


Alligators All Around - An AlphabetMaurice Sendak1991


Ivy Can't Wait (AlphaPets)Ruth Lerner Perle1991


Justin's Just Joking (AlphaPets)Shirley Bogart1991


Katy's Surprise (AlphaPets)Shirley Bogart1991


My "a" BookJane Belk Moncure1991


Nelly, That's Not Nice! (AlphaPets)Shirley Bogart1991


Ollie's Folly (AlphaPets)Ruth Lerner Perle1991


Perry's Not-So-Perfect Day (AlphaPets)Sarah Dawson1991

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