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Stirring Adventures for GirlsSibyl B. Owsley, Charles Herbert, Mrs. A.C. Osborn Hann, Leonora Fry, Captain F.A.M. Webster1910


Tanglewood Tales: A Wonder-Book for Boys and GirlsNathaniel Hawthorne1910


Things Seen in HollandCharles E. Roche1910


Peter and WendyJ.M. Barrie1911


Butterflies & Moths At Home & AbroadH. Rowland-Brown1912


Flora; or Self-DeceptionA.L.O.E.1912


Children's stories from the Arabian NightsRose Yeatman Woolf, Edric Vredenburg (editor)1913

The Children's Book of Old Testament StoryMrs. C. D. Francis1913


Watty: A White PuppyMrs. Ernest Ames1913


Dolly DimpleMarjory Smith, Ada Leonora Harris, Emily Klickmann, et al.1915


Gems from Marcus AureliusMarcus Aurelius Antoninus, George Long1915


In The Rocky MountainsW.H.G. Kingston1915


The Children's Friend Annual 1916W. Francis Aitken, et al.1915


The Earle Collection of Early Staffordshire PotteryMajor Cyril Earle1915


Runaway RolloE.M. Stooke1916


Small Boat SailingE.F. Knight1916


The Charm of GardensDion Clayton Calthrop1917


Cherry's ChoiceCatharine Shaw1919


Nellie Arundel: A Tale Of Home LifeCatherine Shaw1919


The Hobbit Prize for Girls and Boys 1920A.A. Methley, et al.1919

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