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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Tales (Bancroft Classics)Robert Louis Stevenson1972


Bert Fegg's Nasty Book for Boys & GirlsTerry Jones, Michael Palin1974


Bert Fegg's Nasty Book for Boys & GirlsTerry Jones, Michael Palin1974


Shudders and Shakes: Ghostly Tales from AustraliaAnne Bower Ingram, Ivan Southall, Colin Thiele, Patricia Wrightson, et al.1974


The little WitchOtfried Preussler, Anthea Bell1976


Hansel and GretelThe Brothers Grimm1977


Meg's CarHelen Nicoll1978


Meg's CarHelen Nicoll1978


Fungus the BogeymanRaymond Briggs1980


The Kincaid's book of Wizards Giants Trolls and magicLucy Kincaid1980


Timmy, le fantôme timideUnknown1980


A Young Person's Guide to WitchcraftBernard Brett1981


Hansel and GretelThe Brothers Grimm, Shirley Greenway1981


Monster Fun Annual 1982Unknown1981


The Birthday SpellRonda Armitage1981


Fungus the BogeymanRaymond Briggs1982


Fungus the Bogeyman Plop-Up BookRaymond Briggs1982


Hamlyn Book of Legendary CreaturesTom McGowen1982


The Little BroomstickMary Stewart1982


VampiresColin & Jackie Hawkins, Enid von Bluoton1982

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