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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Bunnikin's Picnic PartyA.J. MacGregor, W. Perrin1940


Bob Bushtail's AdventureA.J. MacGregor, W. Perring1941


Downy DucklingA.J. MacGregor, W. Perring1942


The RunawayA.J. MacGregor, W. Perring1948


Bunny's First BirthdayA.J. MacGregor, W. Perrin1950


Well-Loved Tales: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsThe Brothers Grimm, Vera Southgate1953


The Ambush: A Robin Hood AdventureMax Kester1955


William The ConquerorL. du Garde Peach1956


British Wild FlowersBrian Vesey-Fitzgerald1957


The Ladybird Book of British Wild FlowersBrian Vesey-Fitzgerald1957


The Ladybird Book of PetsGeorge Cansdale1957


The Story of NelsonL. du Garde Peach1957


A Second Book of British Birds and their nestsBrian Vesey-Fitzgerald1958


The Ladybird Book of British Railway LocomotivesD.L. Joiner1958


The Ladybird Book of British Wild AnimalsGeorge Causdale1958


The Story of Captain CookL. du Garde Peach1958


The Story of the First Queen ElizabethL. du Garde Peach1958


Flight Three: United States of AmericaDavid Scott Daniell1959


Flight Two: CanadaDavid Scott Daniell1959


Florence NightingaleL. du Garde Peach1959

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