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CoverTitleAuthor Year


The Wild SwansJane Brierley1996


Tiny Ted's Big AdventurePeter Bowman1997


Sheltie: Rabbits GalorePeter Clover1999


Set of 6 miniature books:
When The Toys Had A Secret/Susan Borrows A Barrow/
The Strange Bicycle/A Lovely Surprise/
Harry's New Football/It Serves You Right Mr Sly
Enid Blyton2000


Highlands of ScotlandLorna Ewan2002


I Wonder Why Castles Had Moats and Other Questions About Long AgoPhilip Steele2002


Owl BabiesMartin Waddell2002


Frog in LoveMax Velthuijs, Anthea Bell2003


Hansel and GretelThe Brothers Grimm, Berlie Doherty2003


RapunzelBerlie Doherty2003


Zigby: The Birthday PartyBrian Paterson2004


Gromit's Guide to GardeningUnknown2005

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