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Black Hearts in BatterseaJoan Aiken1980


Stories for Eight-Year-Olds and other young readersSara and Stephen Corrin, Hans Andersen, Walter de la Mare, Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, et al.1980


Happy Families: Mr and Mrs Hay the HorseAllan Ahlberg1981


The Story of FerdinandMunro Leaf1981


Let's Parler Franglais Again!Miles Kington1982


The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, and six moreRoald Dahl1982


A Bad Spell for the Worst WitchJill Murphy1983


A Proper Little NooryeffJean Ure1983


Anne of the IslandL.M. Montgomery1983


Fantastic Mr FoxRoald Dahl1983


Our Exploits at West Poley (Puffin Classics)Thomas Hardy1983


Ox-Cart ManDonald Hall1983


The Markets of LondonAlec Forshaw1983


Beezus and RamonaBeverly Cleary1984


Clocks and More ClocksPat Hutchins1984


Emil and the DetectivesErich Kästner, Eileen Hall1984


Gumdrop Gets His WingsVal Biro1984


Morris's Disappearing Bag: A Christmas StoryRosemary Wells1984


Ralph S. MouseBeverly Cleary1984


Hot Dog and Other PoemsKit Wright1985

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