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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Untitled Die-Cut Alphabet Poem BookUnknown1900


Verses For ChildrenHarry Golding, et al.1900


Adam BedeGeorge Eliot1901


Bleak HouseCharles Dickens1902


A Flock of FourIsmay Thorn1903


The Sea ShoreW.S. Furneaux1903


Tic-Tac-Too. and Butterfly Valley.L.T. Meade, Clara Thwaites1903


Fond Adventures: Tales of the Youth of the WorldMaurice Hewlett1905


Prince Edward Reader (Book 6)Various1906


The Tower of LondonWilliam Benham1906


Novelties, and How to Make ThemMildred Duff1907


The Gateway to RomanceEmily Underdown1909


With Nature's ChildrenLilian Gask1909


A Book of Golden DeedsCharlotte M. Yonge1910


A Wallet of WitCharles Dickens, George Eliot, et al.1910


By Common, Pinewood & BogMargaret Cameron1910


Chatterbox. 1910.Various1910


Fairy Tales from China.Marion L. Adams1910


John Ploughman's PicturesC.H. Spurgeon1910


Red Cap Tales told from WaverleyS.R. Crockett1910

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