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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Tales from Nursery LandCharles Perrault, et al.1890


Fairy Tales from China.Marion L. Adams1910


Peter and WendyJ.M. Barrie1911


The King of the Golden River or the Black Brothers: A Legend of StiriaJohn Ruskin1920


Grimm's Fairy TalesThe Brothers Grimm1930


Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales (The Sunshine Series)Hans Christian Andersen1931


Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven DwarfsThe Brothers Grimm1938


Chappell's Fables with Music Series: The Sleeping BeautyThe Brothers Grimm, Phil Park1948


Uncle Mac's Fairy Tale BookDerek McCulloch1948


Hans Andersen's Fairy TalesHans Andersen1950


Hansel and GretelThe Brothers Grimm, Molly B. Thomson1950


Princess Viola (Golden Rose Picture Story Book)Unknown1950


The Nightingale/Little Claus and Big ClausHans Andersen, R.P. Keigwin1950


The Sleeping BeautyThe Brothers Grimm, Molly B. Thomson1950


Tales from the Arabian NightsF.C. Tilney1953


Well-Loved Tales: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsThe Brothers Grimm, Vera Southgate1953


The Wishing TableThe Brothers Grimm, Joan Cherry1954


Sunbeam Stories: Adam, the ShoemakerGilmore Wood1956


Jack And The Beanstalk: A Book of Nursery StoriesKathleen Lines1960


Winkie in Toadstool Town (Clifford Series)Willy Schermelé1960

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